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Governance Support platform

The Governance Support Platform (PSG) is the portal where all aggregate data and statistics on forestry operations reported and/or authorized in the Regions converge. In addition to these data, information from the Forest Monitoring Platform also flows into the PSG.


Up-to-date data and information on forest operations and the state of forests are useful in strengthening knowledge, social and political awareness of the forest sector, and supporting regional and national governance processes.


On an annual basis, FOLIAGE will provide data of interest to Governance, aggregated by Region, eg:

  • number of communications and cutting authorizations;
  • area affected by silvicultural interventions, also subdivided by type of constraint (eg.: protected areas, Natura 2000 site);
  • harvesting rate compared to the total forest area;
  • amount of harvesting in terms of biomass removed, aggregated by form of government (coppice, high forest), ownership (public, private) and habitus (coniferous, broadleaf);
  • rate of removal compared to the woody growing stock;
  • cartographic representations of areas subject to felling or vegetation anomalies (fires, frosts).


This data will help to bridge the knowledge gap that currently exists between the quantification of wood mass supply and consumption in Italy.


PSG platform different way to research and data download:

  • informatic method for data distribution by API (Application Program InterfaceUsers can carry out query for geographic/ or administrative area and join data in statistic reports and download it;
  • access via web browser to pre-aggregated datasets by regional or provincial geographical units in open formats available to citizens and other public administrations (Open Data);
  • Supply of specific reports, available at regular time intervals for MIPAAF to support national forest governance.
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